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Well, after all this time fiddling with computers and the Internet, I've finally put a homepage together. But since I can't do anything normal, it's php-based, has no graphics and is 100% lynx compatible :-)

For the moment, you can find my various linux hacks in the linux section and some informations about me (being so narcissic and all).

As I'm learning HTML (and php) as I'm typing, the pages are in beta stage. The whole thing should be updated very often :-)

Update 2001-2-23: As a matter of fact, I'm a big lazy bum and the pages are very seldom updated... Feel free to pester about it, that might help.

Update 2001-6-12: The server that hosts my page was down for the last few days. Everything should be back to normal now. Like if anyone noticed anyway...

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