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Tonic Trouble

About my MP3s from Tonic Trouble

This music was composed by Eric Chevalier and the game is edited by Ubi Soft.

I first heard the music of this game when I saw a friend play it on his computer, and I immediateley thought it had an awesome soundtrack (as well as an incredibly funny intro movie, but you'll have to see it for yourself :-)

On the other hand, I found the game itself pretty boring and it was slow as hell on my K6 233. Then, a year or so later, I thought about it again and tried to find the soundtrack on Napster, to no avail. So I decided to buy a used copy of the game to rip the soundtrack.

On this game, the soundtrack seems to be composed of blocks of compressed sound played in order in accordance with a script. But I couldn't figure out the encoding format of the sound, so I decided to complete the game and to record the music as I play. This is how my MP3s have been done. I agree it could be better to find out the encoding format in order to skip the analog transition, but I couldn't. If you can help in decoding the music, I'll be glad to hear from you.

Those tracks were digitaly recorded in-game, with a minidisc player and a toslink cable. The sound was then re-recorded (in analog form) with a SB PCI 128 (crystal AC97), edited with mixview and encoded with gogo-no-coda. They can be found on napster when I'm online (my username is exxos77).

update 2001/05/10: Due to the recent filtering setup on napster, I am no longer sharing my mp3s there. If you are interested in those, don't hesitate to ask me directly.

update 2002/01/13: I have put the songs online through HTTP. You can download them here: (92 megabytes total)

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